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Designed for customized printing on signage, craftwork, package, graphics

May 06,/2022

Shanghai, China, Nov. 5 2021

Versatile and Innovative

FY-9060T is designed for customized printing on signage, craftwork, package, graphics, decor and articles.With features of precisely processed complete steel structure with tempering treatment, branded spare parts and accessories, crash sensors, static removing system, auto media thickness detector, ink level sensors, it is the best powerful instrument for customers who seeks versatility and creativity.

“With the unique design of liftable table and cylinder kit, plus option of varnish and white ink option, FY-9060T is identical for its versatility, to offer high level on numerous applications” Said Mr. B. J. Wu, the R&D manager, “It prints high opacity white ink with primary colors and varnish in a single pass on a dark or transparent substrate. The option of varnish creates special effect of embossment, spot color and texture finish”. He added.

About Toshiba CE4M
The Toshiba CE4M printhead has high nozzle density with 636 channels and a high driving frequency (especially at small drops). The printhead offers a wide range of drop volume, from 5 to 35 picoliters, with excellent dot placement accuracy and stable jetting with water circulation thermal control.
The Toshiba CE4M printhead is compatible with UV curable and oil-based pigment inks

FYUNION, founded in 1993, based in Shanghai, China, is a manufacturer of large format inkjet printers for signage, textile, building materials, packaging, vehicle wrapping, giftware and personalization articles, featuring UV, eco solvent, solvent, and disperse inks. On top of that, we provide digital inkjet print solution for development of printers for unique and customized purpose.


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